New Hat Now Available

The BULLY TRUCKER is now available at:! The hat is available in four colorways.  We also have all colors of the ELK RIDGE SNAPBACK in stock!

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“Show Your Wild Side” Contest

About three months ago we started selling Montana Wild Apparel and we can’t say thanks enough for the strong support.  Travis and myself do a majority of the promoting for the apparel and to be honest everyone is probably sick of constantly seeing the same two faces repping our gear.  We want to see a little diversity.  With that in mind we decided to run a contest.  You get a chance to win some killer gear and swag.  We get to see you out repping Montana Wild Apparel and we’ll be able to throw some new faces into the mix for promotion.  I’d like to think of it as a win-win for everyone.

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We want you to go take a photo or video (30 seconds or less) of you doing something awesome with some of our gear on.  It could be a photo of that fatty brown you slayed, your first archery elk, you shotgunning beers at a Griz game, or a Montana Wild sticker on the back of your truck with a wolf in the truck bed.  There’s really no restrictions here but outdoor themed imagery (especially hunting/fishing) will carry a little extra weight for the final pick.  Get creative and make sure something Montana Wild related is in the photo or video.


  • Facebook – To enter through Facebook simply share your photo or video on the Montana Wild Facebook wall.  Quality captions will help your submission.
  • Instagram – To enter through Instagram you’ll need to use the hashtag #montanawild and also tag us (@montanawild) in your photo/video description.  Note that videos on Instagram are limited to 15 seconds.  If you don’t use both tags then you won’t be eligible and we won’t be able to find you photo/video.  Again awesome captions/hashtags help your submission.
  • ***Limit 5 entries per person***


-Begins August 3rd, 2014

-Ends December 10th, 2014

On December 10th we’ll go through the submissions and pick the Top 8 which will be posted to our Facebook page on December 12th.  From there voting will take place from the 12th through the 19th.  Each submission will be judged on a points method.  For every [LIKE] or [SHARE] you get on your photo you will receive 1 point.  During the week of voting we will comment on your photo with a score out of 200 points.  This is our way of distributing some extra points to the contestants that we think had a killer submission.  This helps it from becoming a total popularity contest.  It is social media so the more friends you get to go [LIKE] it the better your chances of winning.  It’s social media, it’s not always fair.


  • 1st Place

vortex, optics, viper, hd, 10x42, binoculars

  • 2nd Place
    • One killer piece of hunting or fishing gear.  Looking like this might be an Orvis Guide Sling.
    • (1) 18″x24″ canvas print of one of our photos.  You choose the image.
    • (2) pieces of Montana Wild Gear of your choice

canvas, print, photo, montana, wild

  • 3rd Place
    • (3) pieces of Montana Wild Gear of your choice
    • A badass sticker pack

***These prizes may expand as the contest grows.  All the Top 8 Finalists will receive some type of prize.



Below is a short video we put together to give you a little kick start for you video guys.


And some photos that we have shot this year that would fit this contest nicely.  Definitely get creative and bold.  Remember the photos/videos must contain some sort of Montana Wild apparel and/or sticker to qualify.  These can easily be topped folks so go get it!






Plan Your Next Fishing Adventure

Its often adventure that keeps my fly fishing engine fueled.  The exploration of wild locations drives me to wander areas where many rarely travel.  I am not a fan of overcrowded rivers and would rather sulk in solitude amongst the steep mountains (even if I don’t catch a single fish).


I have found that generally speaking, less people equates to better fishing. In some cases this means getting far from any dirt road. Some anglers search for the reasoning behind their fishing addiction and I feel my answer lies somewhere between a passion for exploration and adventure. Most can’t wait to escape their office on Friday evening and forget their overpowering business life. The river is calling. So here are ten ways to finding your own fishing adventure:

1) Pick a location: The more specific the better. Use previous feedback you have heard from family, friends and the local loud mouths at the bar to help narrow down your options. A  little digging will get you a long way. Are you looking for a specific type of fish to catch or are searching for amazing landscapes? My most memorable adventures come from picking a somewhat well known river system and searching the surrounding areas. Study every possible stretch of water that could hold fish. Make a final decision on a location and dive deeper into the planning.


2) Choose a timeframe: Are you fishing summer, fall, spring, or winter (yes, I said winter)? Take into account spawning periods, runoff, weather, and where the fish will be located in the local river systems. The worst is having to hike in 10 miles to explore a lake in the mountains only to discover it resembles the arctic circle, but hey thats still an adventure right?

Yeti Coolers hat

3) Research the area: Never been to the location you plan on exploring? No problem. The internet and mainstream fishing magazines are loaded with information. Search everything from online forums to Facebook to get insight on what to expect in the honey hole you will be targeting. You would be surprised how much info people give away through social media. The more prepared, the better your chances of catching fish in that area.

4) Scour a map: Do yourself a favor right now and download Goggle Earth onto your home computer if you haven’t already. Viewing overhead satellite imagery has changed exploring the backcountry. There is no longer the question, “I wonder what’s over the next ridge?” You can literally pinpoint pools, log jams, waterfalls, ponds, lakes, and camp sites all from your computer. Combine Google Earth with a good topo map and you have trailheads, roads, and access points all at your fingertips allowing yourself to make any knook and cranny a possible golden fishing spot.

Hunt GPS

5) Avoid the roads: Google Earth will give you a good idea of how accessible certain river systems are by road. Use this to your advantage. Take into account; river access sites, road access, trailheads, road closures, etc to determine where most fisherman will be. Does the river reconnect with a small trail 8 miles from the nearest road? Go there and explore. The added effort pays big dividends most of the time.


6) Know the Flows: Most states have streamflows and water temps available online. Keep close tabs on the rivers you plan to explore year round. If the water has been rising, you might have to deal with water clarity issues and may want to push back your trip another week. The streamflows can tell you a lot about the water you will be fishing.

Simms Guide BOots

7) Create a Gear List: Know beforehand where you will be sleeping and what you will be eating. Make a list of essentials for a successful trip. I have been on trips where the people I am traveling with either A) borrow my food the last couple days of our trip or B) don’t have the supplies for a comforting stay in the mountains. Don’t run low on energy and bring enough food. If you are backpacking into your fishing spot, make sure you pick out appropriate campsites beforehand. On one of my recent adventures, we did not have a topo map before heading into our location. With no foreseeable flat ground close to the river, we had no choice but to camp above a 100ft cliff. In the end it was great, but not the safest camping location. Some other great questions to ask yourself are: Do I need a water filter? Is it grizzly country? Are there going to be sasquatch sized mosquitos? Think beforehand and bring the right gear to handle every possible scenario.

Rock Creek

8) Find a Fishing Buddy: Some adventures are just better when you know a friend is there to help in case something bad happens. Make sure this person is not a loud mouth and can be consistently trusted. You may find the fishing spot of your life, so keeping your adventures low key is a must. There is nothing worst than hearing half the town talking about your fishing spot because your buddy can’t keep his mouth shut when throwing back some cold ones at the local pub. Make a contract with your partner ahead of time, sometimes a pinkie promise is not enough.

Camp Life

9) Pack the Yeti: I’m a firm believer in making my adventure as comfortable as possible.  Car camping? Pack the Yeti with plenty of beer, condiments, snacks, and elk burgers. Floating a secret stretch of river? Bring the appropriate size Yeti to accomadate your needs. There is nothing better than having a cold beverage in the middle of a summer adventure.

Sitka Gear puffy

10) Plan for a Great Adventure: Get your mind right heading into the trip. Be positive and plan for success. Your first day might not be the best fishing, but the next day could uncover an unknown section of river that is stocked full of monster trout eating mice. Who knows, you might even find the next Kamchatka. Pack your fly box accordingly, do one final checklist, and hit the road!  Adventure awaits!

Underwater Grayling



New Flexfit Hats Available

We heard numerous requests for curved brim flexfit hats, and we took the requests straight to the design room.  Finally our first flexfit hat design is finished.  Complete with MW Logo in the front and MONTANAWILD embroidered on the back.  The flexfit delivers ultimate hat comfort from the river to the mountains.  NOW AVAILABLE at:

BlackGrayFront & BackAlso, our Bamboo Bandits are all back in stock as well!  Just in time to keep your face protected this summer.




Mystery Ranch NICE Metcalf – Backpack Review

First off if you are serious about hunting do yourself a favor and buy a quality pack.  Having a pack that will last a lifetime, will hold up to the harshest abuse and keep you comfortable while packing out 100+ pound loads is well worth the investment.  A few years ago we were introduced to the awesome folks at Mystery Ranch Backpacks.  We quickly found out what we had been missing in a backpack as we began to use the Longbow during the 2012 season.  Fast forward to last year.  The Metcalf was introduced to their lineup and was fit with the NICE Frame to create one of the most versatile and quality packs in the entire industry.  After some serious use last year it quickly became our favorite all-around pack.

mystery ranch, backpack, metcalf, hunting, montana, nice frame

From packing your camp deep into the backcountry for week-long hunts, to hauling a big bodied bull elk back to the truck, this pack is a versatile workhorse.  While many would be content at this point of the game, the masterminds at Mystery Ranch in Bozeman Montana were trying to find ways to improve the design.  They came up with some improvements and soon had sewn up some prototype NICE Metcalf 2 bags.  We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one about a month back.  We’ve taken it on a couple hunts in the backcountry and are glad to say it’s better than ever.

mystery ranch, metcalf 2, backpack, hunting, montana wild, montana

After some solid use in the mountains I’m happy to say the new changes are a welcome improvement.  The new NICE Metcalf is the minimalist hunter’s go-to pack.  The full length side zipper allows easy access to the entirety of the bag without needing to unload gear.  Ten compression straps keep your load secure and fully expanded with the new Alpine Lid this packs reaches 4200 cubic inches.

The new bag is now 8 oz lighter than the previous model, weighing in at 2lbs 4oz.  I’m not one to count ounces but every bit helps and the build quality is still Mystery Ranch tough.  I doubt you could break this thing in a lifetime of hunting.

mystery ranch, backpacks, metcalf, 2, montana, wild, hunting

Key Improvements:

1. Added Load Shelf

metcalf 2, mystery ranch, metcalf, backpacks, hunting, montana, wild

The new bag utilizes a new load shelf made from 500D Cordura.  I was bummed I couldn’t test it out this spring but come fall I’m sure many people will be happy with this feature.  This addition now creates a more stable platform for carrying meat between your bag and frame.  Additionally it will help to keep your load from sinking too low along the frame.  The higher you can keep the weight the more comfort and ease on the way back to the truck.

mystery ranch, metcalf, 2, montana, hunting, wild, backpacks

2. Exterior Detail Pocket

mystery ranch, metcalf, 2, backpacks, hunting, montana, wild

One thing a lot of guys have been asking for is an external pocket on the actual bag itself.  The Metcalf 2 now has an exterior pocket on the packs side.  I used this for items such as GPS, radio, tags, knife, beacon.  At first I didn’t think I’d use it a whole lot but by the end of the week I had used it multiple times daily.  Most likely you’ll need to un-shoulder the pack to access it but if your feeling stretchy you can pull gear out of the pocket quickly on the fly.

3. New upper buckles and redesigned lid

mystery ranch, metcalf, 2, hunting, backpacks, montana

The upper portion of the bag now features two male buckles rather then the female one’s featured on the original Metcalf.  These buckles now attach to the back half of the NICE Lift Kit and help keep any gear loaded in the top of the pack loaded securely.  This keeps any type of shift to a minimum while hiking and helps keep the bag compressed when the lid isn’t attached to the exterior.  Often when hiking out from camp I’d put the lid in the main bag and tighten my compression straps so that my bag was of minimal size and I could slip through the heavy brush with minimal noise and less chances of hanging up on branches and downfall.

mystery ranch, metcalf, 2, backpack, hunting, montana, wild

The lid also has been altered for 2014.  The lid is lighter than the previous version and weighs 9 ounces.  Capacity is 700 ci and quick attach straps come with and act as shoulder straps for carriage.

mystery ranch, metcalf, alpine lid, backpack, hunting

4. Customizable frame height via NICE Lift Kit

load lifters, lift kit, NICE, mystery ranch, hunting backpacks

The new Metcalf 2 features a customizable frame height.  The attached load lifters are no longer and the NICE Lift Kit is their replacement.  This allows the frame height to be tailored to different body heights.  The key here is to find the correct angle when meat is being carried between the frame and bag.  It is important to know that the Lift Kit is a separate accessory.  This piece is crucial when packing heavy loads and makes a big difference by transferring weight off of your shoulders.

5. Improved hydration design

mystery ranch, metcalf, 2, backpack, hunting, montana, wild

This year the port for a hydration system has been changed to allow quick and easy passage through the bag for attachment to either shoulder strap.  Previously the port was very tight and only really designed to work with the right shoulder strap.  This may seem like a small change but being able to quickly pull out your hydration system, fill up, and get back on the trail or a stalk can make a big difference.  Sometimes the little things add up and this is a welcomed improvement.

mystery ranch, metcalf 2, hunting, backpack

Overall I’m impressed with the new features and can’t wait to load this down with an elk this fall.  Take a good look at your current backpack situation.  Now is the time to make a change to a quality pack that can handle all of your hunting needs.  The pack has officially launched so be sure to check them both on their website and on Facebook.